It’s that time of year and we want to make sure your pets are covered with their heartworm, flea/tick, and parasite prevention. We have some wonderful promotions for you.


Interceptor Plus

Is a monthly chew that prevents heartworm and also controls roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.                                                                If you purchase 12 doses of Inerceptor Plus there is a $15 instant rebate.


Is a monthly chewable tablet that controls fleas and ticks.

 Instant Rebate for Interceptor Plus/Credelio

This year there is a special $35.00 Instant Rebate offer available. This applies only if you purchase 12 doses of Interceptor Plus along with 6 doses of Credelio.

There is a $50 Instant Rebate if you purchace 12 doses of Interceptor Plus and 12 doses of Credelio.