Dec 17 2015

Words of Wisdom from Dr Lunde

The unseasonably warm December has brought an unexpected increase in flea problems for some clients this year. In my experience, the number of households that are bothered by fleas in Minnesota has decreased since monthly products became available. This year ticks were problematic late into the season as well. Now we have had multiple phone calls for advice on flea control as well.

A few hints on flea control:

1. Examine your pets carefully. Fleas can be seen crawling on the face, hairless regions on the abdomen or while combing through fur with a flea comb.

2. If fleas are noted, call your veterinarian or pest control professional for advice.

3. Monthly products such as Frontline Plus not only kill adult fleas but also prevent hatching of the eggs.

4. To control the life cycle, all pets in the environment need to be treated. Remember not all products that are used for dogs are safe for cats. Check product labeling carefully.

5. In Minnesota, fleas may survive in dwellings over winter in a dormant state. Our houses become so dry the fleas may not hatch from eggs. If eggs persist, they will emerge in the spring when humidity levels rise. This can be particularly problematic in lake homes that are uninhabited all winter.

*This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace consultation with your own veterinarian*

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